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($5/Week) | Expired: 2020-01-01
Our Investment: $35
ROI: $16.37 ( 46.77% )
Last paid: 22 Oct,2018
Hyip Monitored: 380 Days
Min Hyip Deposit : $$5
Max Deposit: $$1000000
Referral: 9%
Withdrawal: instant

+447451217678ALLHMAllMon.bizALLHMRU monitors.bzAlexawhoiswhois
2.5% Daily For 60 Business Days, 5% Daily For 40 Business Days, 300% After 15 Business Days
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WELCOME TO THE REDWOOD SUPPLIER (UK) LIMITED The Redwood Supplier (UK) LTD is one of the largest Wood processing companies, delivering the wood from Finland to Europe. We have been servicing our clients since 1995 and we are expanding our market share to this day. Our exclusive location brings us an opportunity to work with clients anywhere from the coast of the Norwegian Sea to the shores of Western Europe. Our Vision Our vision is to continuously seek for ways in which to feature worth for our investors and make sure we tend to never lose sight of our company values and core vision. Our targeted senior management team is committed to making sure that our high standards are maintained, our regulation is strict and our complete support is given passion and energy. Our Mission At The Redwood Supplier (UK) Limited, our mission is to deliver to clients wonderful services through our hard working, innovatives services and full commitments to clients’ satisfactionary. We have a tendency to apply modern fast technology and use a team of extremely experienced professionals to bring clients’ monetary dreams in to real life. Our passion is to continually work hard to assist clients get the most effective potential value and cut price.

Total Payouts:            $16.37

1. 22 Oct,2018                    $12
2. 14 Oct,2018                    $3.5
3. 09 Oct,2018                    $0.87

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